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 The National University of Malaysia (UKM) is proud to offer a Funding Program through The UKM’s Chancellor’s Foundation Trust Fund as one of the fund raising activities of the Chancellor’s Foundation.

The aim of the program is to facilitate staff and Alumni of the University, and also the kind-hearted community at large to contribute as gifts to the Trust Fund in the form of donations, endowments, bequests, awards and other benevolent forms for specific identified needs. Through this program, a doner would be able to plan his or her contributions either on a monthly basis or in lump sums (single or periodically) where the gifts can be in the form of cash, financial securities, and /or fixed assets.

Linguistically, gifts are acts of sincerity given for a specified purpose such as an achievement or out of love. Donations are mostly associated with helping the needy and the deprived. An endowment (wakaf) occurs when an asset (cash or non-cash) is donated but the principal amount is not spent but rather the returns from such an asset can be expensed for a worthy cause. 

The act of donating one’s wealth, providing a gift and/or setting up an endowed fund are all acts of good deeds. Indeed, such acts are a form of sacrifice; departing one’s wealth for the benefit of others.


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